1994 a Christian-based Arts initiative – “MDA” (Music, Drama and Art) – was introduced to the Bloemfontein public. It started as an evangelistic Bible School project – a musical/drama entitled “Christ the Champion” – that the students toured the country with. Thereafter, awareness developed for the need of proper training and teaching in the Arts, including the development of character and Godly perspectives in individuals’ lives. And so, MDA was born.

The introduction of tours and outreaches on local, national and international levels broadened the work and base in Bloemfontein, as it matured to what is currently known as Creare Training Centre a ministry of Our Father’s Home Church. The now full-time ministry (since 1994) accommodates Academies in Music; Drama; Dance; Art; Multimedia;Prophetic; Word; Worship; Year of your life; Church Planting & Missions; Skills and Sport & Recreation.

Creare Training Centre continues to impact, serve and equip nationally and internationally churches and communities through: satellite and strategic bases where students are trained; part- and full time (touring) teams; Training Conferences; outreaches; and the initiation and growth of cell groups and churches (services). Creare is active in all the provinces of South Africa. International contacts and influence extends to Malawi, Botswana, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Zambia, Kenya, Germany, UK, Portugal, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, Netherlands, Uganda, Brazil, Spain, Madagascar, Egypt, Palestine, Norway and Austria.

Many prophecies have been given that speak of the prophetic which will be a spear point of the training and ministry that Creare has to offer. The training of full-time students is thus founded on Word studies and a continuous growth in Godly revelations on a daily basis. And so, pioneers and pace setters are being raised up to boldly move forward out of an intimate relationship with the Father, to go to the nations of the world and impact individuals to become the creative, prophetic people God has called them to be. CD’s are being produced, devotional material developed, syllabi pioneered, school and varsity students are growing in prophetic lifestyles and there is a breaking through in creative walk with the Father, in many lives.

Now, more than ever, is the time for the Church to understand the relevance of the tools being used to express the Gospel. Globally, awareness is growing of the need for the Arts to be stewarded by the Church, so that the glory of Divinely inspired “Art” goes to the Father and for the extension of His Kingdom. For too long we have not understood or taken up this responsibility, but, yes – the authority over the Arts is in us as the body of Christ and individually we can make a difference where we are…

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