Our Mission

As a MISSION STATEMENT for life may we see from the heart of God:

Nations who are creative, passionate, intimate and expressive in their love and worship, which is an eternal lifestyle relationship with an Awesome God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

From this articulation of the dream in the heart of the Father, 7 keywords arose as a vision to be part of bringing forth the Father’s dream as a reality today among the nations of the earth.

May His all sufficient grace take us deeper in an articulated quality lifestyle with our destiny in His heart (Jer. 29:11) and hand (Is. 49:16) to be sown among the nations with the overflow of our cup as a ministry of impact and influence in this seven vision keywords: as our vision...

Our Vision

  • Disciple people for their function that they will fulfill in their community and working environment.
  • Build character, knowledge and skills into their lives so that they can build quality in others.
  • Train people in excellence so that they can progressively raise the standard of training for others.
  • Activate the potential in people as nation builders.
  • Plant facilities to train, reach and empower more communities.
  • Reach the un-reached and underprivileged, in South Africa and abroad.
  • Enjoy as the harvest of the seed, that is sown in the community and nations grows!