How To Recieve Training

Our Specialties

The Sons As Eagles is a development centre that specializes in Bible studies, Christian arts, outreaches and mission work. It is a ministry under the supervision and guidance of Our Father’s Home church. It offers PART-TIME and FULL-TIME training.

Sons As Eagles has 10 academies where people can attend classes in: Music, Drama, Dance, Art, Multimedia, Word Studies, Missions, Prophetic, Worship, and Skills training.

How can I get trained?


The FULL-TIME programme at Sons As Eagles is intended for people who would like to be trained in the Sons As Eagles Academies for a specific period of time – they stay in Sons As Eagles student houses and become part of the discipleship programme at Our Father’s Home Church. This programme is facilitated either as part of a “GAP YEAR” or specific academy studies with Bible-based ministry focuses. Those who enroll for this programme do so according to their choice based on their human rights as Christians to practice their faith.


Some of the classes taught at Sons As Eagles are PART-TIME and are attended by people from many different beliefs (ethnic groups, religious and/or lifestyles). The syllabi taught by Sons As Eagles are all Bible-based. Students who attend these classes are not expected to change their beliefs, and encouraged to further their studies at Sons As Eagles on a part-time basis and also attend Training Conferences, which run during the holidays.


The Sons As Eagles are designed to give concentrated training in fields of the Arts, Skills, and Ministry focuses, from each of the Sons As Eagles Academies, over a period of 1-3 weeks. They are normally held at the Sons As Eagles in Bloemfontein, South Africa. These conferences have one and two weeklong courses that run in specific sessions throughout the day each week. They are suited for people who are not able to attend Sons As Eagles classes regularly, and want to experience the "holiday school." By coming to a Training Conference is possible to attend up to four courses during the week as well a weekend course for maximum impartation! These Training Conferences run predominantly during South African school holidays so that students at schools and tertiary institutions are able to attend. Classes are also run in evening sessions so that those whose work hours prevent them from attending may be able to do so.


Full-time tour teams travel in "circuit routes" to be able to offer training at different towns, schools and churches throughout the year. Some teams are in a different town every day, repeating the route every week so that students have their class each week at the same time. These teams have an advantage over the part-time tours in that the student can enrol and participate in classes all year round.

We have:

  • More than 200 part-time students who attend weekly classes in Bloemfontein.
  • More than 1300 students who attend weekly classes presented by full-time touring teams in ±35 towns.
  • More than 3500 students attending classes presented by members of 10 touring teams – who visit towns and cities in all provinces - during the third term.